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    • Welcome to the course, Relating to God

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    Lesson 1: God's Will - Your Purpose

    • Teaching: God's Will - Your Purpose

    • Lab/Discussion: God's Will - Your Purpose

    • For Further Study: God's Will - Your Purpose

    • Test your learning: God's Will - Your Purpose

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    Lesson 2: Jesus the Exact Image of God

    • Teaching: Jesus, the Exact Image of God

    • Lab/Discussion: Jesus, the Exact Image of God

    • For Further Study: Jesus, the Exact Image of God

    • Test your learning: Jesus, the Exact Image of God

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    Lesson 3: God is Love

    • Teaching: God Is Love

    • Lab/Discussion: God is Love

    • For Further Study: God Is Love

    • Test your learning: God is Love

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    Lesson 4: The Good Father

    • Teaching: The Good Father

    • Lab/Discussion: The Good Father

    • For Further Study: The Good Father

    • Test Your Learning: The Good Father

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    Lesson 5: The Husband

    • Lesson 5: The Husband

    • Lab Discussion: The Husband

    • For Further Study: The Husband

    • Test Your Learning: The Husband

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Senior Instructor

Rick Manis

Rick Manis is a spiritual encourager, author and speaker, imparting the revelation of the unconditional and unlimited love of God to individuals and groups around the world. He has written five books. Rick lived a life of self-destruction and addiction before committing his life to Jesus Christ. He studied at Rhema Bible College while serving as an associate pastor in Oklahoma. He pioneered and pastored a church in Titusville, Florida for close to a decade. Since then Rick has been traveling and ministering a message of "Fullness." Rick's message primarily centers on the awareness that we have everything we need for fulfillment in Jesus Christ. Jesus taught us about living in the Kingdom of God and loving with a supernatural type of love. This love is the most powerful force in the universe and enables us to live above the circumstances of the natural world and find victory amidst the tragedies and tribulations we encounter in this world.

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